Many people take great comfort in knowing we are interconnected and never go through a certain feeling alone. Anne Mei Poppe's work examines the interconnectedness of life and explores how humans, nature, and objects are intertwined in a delicate web of existence. Her paintings are on the interception of figurative and abstract, often balanced and joyful, embracing organic forms and vivid colors. Poppe creates depth in her paintings by building and breaking down layers to translate the often complex relationships between people. Painting intuitively, each brushstroke is a dialogue with the subconsious and a visual manifestation of emotions. Ultimately, her work is an invitation to find resonance in the shared human experience and our interconnectedness.

Poppe's work is a tribute to the intricate dance of life, one where humans, nature, and objects are all intertwined in a delicate web of existence.

Poppe has finalized the Orientation Course at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and she is represented by Rademakers Gallery.