Anne Mei Poppe is an artist based in Amsterdam. In Poppe's art, a common thread weaves through her work: the portrayal of women in everyday life. She paints these moments with a touch of magic and a contemporary eye, inviting viewers to find the extraordinary in the everyday. Her use of bright, lively colors adds energy and depth to each piece, making them come alive.

Poppe's work is a tribute to the intricate dance of life, one where humans, nature, and objects were all intertwined in a delicate web of existence. Through her paintings, she invites viewers to see the world through her eyes, to feel the heartbeat of the universe pulsating through the canvas. Her artwork is a mirror, reflecting the truth that we, as individuals, are not isolated entities but threads woven into the grand tapestry of life.

Poppe has finalized the Orientation Course at Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and she is represented by Rademakers Gallery.